Grcym. Pakkret Carnival (Plant Only)




Grammatocymbidium (Grcym.) Pakkret Carnival, a true gem of an orchid hybrid cross between Cymbidium Lilliput x Grammatophyllum Crownfox Leopard.

Grcym. Pakkret Carnival ‘#1’ is a true botanical treasure, boasting a commanding stature that will captivate all who lay eyes upon it. Standing tall and proud, this large Cymbidium plant is a testament to nature’s grandeur. Its lush foliage exudes an air of sophistication, with glossy leaves that shimmer like emerald jewels.

This unique orchid variety is an extraordinary result of the perfect union. The combination of these esteemed parent plants with roots from Cymbidium species ensifolium and lowianum as well as Grammatophylum scriptum and elegans has created a masterpiece that showcases the best of both worlds. The elegance and grace of the Cym. Lilliput blend harmoniously with the vibrant charm of the Gram. Crownfox Leopard, giving birth to a truly distinct and awe-inspiring orchid hybrid.

Indulge in the therapeutic pleasure of caring for this botanical gem and prepare to be awestruck by the main event—the flowers!

With proper nurturing, this Grammatocymbidium will flourish and thrive, becoming a testament to your green thumb and devotion to the floral arts. Typically between the summer and fall season, this orchid will flaunt striking blooms that are a symphony of yellow and red.

Imagine delicate petals, gently opening to reveal a burst of sunshine captured within. Radiant yellow hues bathe each petal, while playful splotches of red dance across their velvety surface, creating a mesmerizing visual feast.

Orchid Features:

  • Plant Stage:  Mature, Blooming Size – NOT with Buds
  • Flower Size when blooming:  1.5-2″ wide
  • Pot Size:  4″
  • Average Plant Height:  18-24″ (foliage)
  • Blooming Season:  Summer-Fall

Indulge your senses and elevate your botanical collection to new heights with the Grammatocymbidium Pakkret Carnival #1.

This captivating orchid is a testament to the artistry of nature, and its allure will leave you utterly spellbound. Don’t miss your chance to own a living masterpiece—bring the Grammatocymbidium Pakkret Carnival #1 into your world today to be enthralled by vibrant colors, breathtaking blooms, and sheer magnificence when it blooms!


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