Coryanthes macrocorys ‘May’ x self (Plant Only)



  • Coryanthes (Crths.) macrocorys ‘May’ x self, an intriguing orchid species. Native to Brazil and Peru, its unique blossoms feature a cup-like shape with intricate spotting. This captivating orchid flower emits a wonderful fragrance that resembles pineapples, nutmeg, and notes of vanilla. The ability to produce more than once per year makes this orchid exceedingly enjoyable as its flowers don’t last quite as long as many other orchids. With proper care, including watering as plant approaches dryness, medium bright, filtered light and a humid environment, Coryanthes verrucolineata thrives, making it a prized addition to any collection.

    Embrace the allure of this extraordinary orchid and let its enchanting presence in its compact form grace your botanical sanctuary.


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