Den. bracteosum x sib (‘Little Eve’ x ‘Pink’) (Plant Only)



Dendrobium (Den.) bracetosum x sib (‘Little Eve’ x ‘Pink’) is a version of the pink form, miniature species bred using sibling varieties for larger growths.

“The Bracted Dendrobium”, a dazzling orchid that will wow you with its stunning flowers. This orchid has yellowish stems that sprout clusters of small, waxy, pink flowers. The flowers form ball-like bunches or pom-poms from the stem tips, creating a spectacular display. Dendrobium bracteosum is a tropical treasure from the rainforests of Papua New Guinea and nearby islands where it grows as an epiphyte on trees and mangroves near rivers and coasts. It loves heat, humidity, and light, and blooms from spring to fall. This orchid is a must-have for any orchid lover or collector.

  • Mature Plant -NOT with Buds/Blooms
  • Miniature Species Orchids
  • Pink Form
  • Plant Size:  Between 12-14″ Height
  • Pot Size:  4″


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