Bulb. longissimum (Plant Only)



  • Bulbophyllum longissimum also known as the “Long-Petaled Bulbophyllum” is an incredibly unique orchid found growing as an epiphyte in warm growing lowlands of Thailand, Myanmar, Borneo, and Malaysia. Bulbophyllum orchids are familiar for producing some of the most unusual flowers. The flowers on this particular orchid species can reach lengths of 30 cm long and is characterized by 5 to 10 flowered, apical umbel of short-lived, pink, fragrant flowers appearing to float midair on an 8″ long inflorescence. The orchid plant itself is very shiny, and grows more compact but produces relatively long leaves on small pseudobulbs. The Bulbophyllum longissimum is a great addition to a unique orchid collection.


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