Any Phalaenopsis Plant (Plant Only)



  • THIS OPTION IS A GROWER’S CHOICE. Color of bloom will be random (pink, lavendar, stripe).
  • Plant will NOT have a spike. However, this plant can bloom twice a year.
  • Will be a healthy, mature size plant.
  • Some plant leaves may show signs of mechanical damage, this will NOT affect the plant and is only cosmetic.
  • Average Plant Height: 6-8″

This variety of orchid can bloom twice year. Flowers should produce again at the next blooming cycle.

General Care:  The ideal temperature range for a phalaenopsis orchid is between 60-90F with 50-70% humidity.  These orchids enjoy bright, filtered light (12-14 hours).  Drench pot completely in water once a week.  Mist media again in that week if dry.  We NEVER recommend using ICE CUBES to water your orchid plant.  A balanced 10-10-10 fertilizer in slow release form is recommended.  Re-pot approximately every 1 1/2 years.


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