Aerangis biloba (In Spike)



  • Aerangis biloba is a fascinating orchid species hailing from the forests and woodlands of Western and Central Africa. This small-sized epiphyte thrives in regions such as Senegal, Guinea, Cameroon, and more, at elevations up to 700 meters. Its short to 8-inch long stems bear 4 to 12 fleshy, dull green leaves with intriguing black spots. During spring and summer, it produces a stunning display of 2 to 20 long-lasting, waxy flowers with a gardenia to lily scent.

    Aerangis biloba requires high humidity and thrives when grown in a pot with a bark mix or mounted on cork or treefern. It prefers moderate shade and is known for its adaptability and resilience. This captivating orchid is a delight to cultivate and blooms profusely, emanating a mesmerizing fragrance during the night.


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