Orchid Care: 4 Tips For Summer Growing

Posted by Kamaile on Jun 7th 2023

Almost everyone loves summer. Most orchids will too, with just a little extra care.

These amazing plants can grow in a range of climates. While some seasonal conditions help your plants grow, others can have adverse effects.

Follow these easy tips to make sure your flowers thrive during the summer!

How to Take Care of Orchids in the Summer

#1. Appropriate Sunlight

Orchids require at least five to six hours of sunlight every day. It can be indoor or outdoor lighting, but whatever you do, be sure it’s indirect. Direct sun exposure can burn the leaves, so keep your plants under a tree or away from a window. If you notice leaf damage, move them into more shade until you find the right spot for them to grow.

#2. Good Airflow

Most orchids are epiphytic or air plants that absorb nutrients and water through its roots. Proper ventilation with adequate clean air will assist the evaporation of standing water to prolong media break down as well as prevent root rot and disease. Allow some fresh air into your home, take your flowers outside when there’s a light breeze, or use an oscillating fan indoors to help your orchid thrive.

#3. Water Accordingly

Improper watering is the number one killer of orchids, so examine the media to determine when you should water. If it’s dry, water thoroughly.

It’s best to water early in the day. Use room temperature, clean water, and if humidity levels in your home are low, use a humidity tray.

#4. Watch For Pests

Pests love summer as much as we do.

The warm weather attracts scales, aphids, and mealybugs looking to nest in your orchids. By remaining vigilant especially during the summer months, you can save yourself and your orchids from the stress of damage by these invasive creatures.

If you happen to find any of these pests, remove them by hand using a cloth dampened with 70% rubbing alcohol.

If the pests are not centralized and have infested different areas of the plant, spritz and wipe all the plant foliage. You may need to continuously inspect and routinely treat the plant until the pests are gone. In some cases, repotting your orchid into clean media may be necessary. Insecticidal soaps or specialized oil sprays can also help combat these pests.

These simple tips to summer orchid care can surely help your orchid flourish!

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